In Gniew and Warsaw on the importance of RES in the transformation of the Polish countryside

Representatives of Sevivon, PNE AG took part in two events where the issue of energy transformation of rural areas was discussed. The occasion was the "Fields of Power" conference organized in Pomerania, as well as the 38th General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of Poland, held in Warsaw.

On June 20, the "Fields of Power" conference was held in the charming castle in Gniew. The event was an opportunity to discuss efforts to decarbonize agricultural production in our country. Experts, representing this segment of the economy, pointed to the important role of agriculture in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which include carbon dioxide and methane. A lot of space during the debates was devoted to the issue of increasing the use of technologies to reduce the consumption of energy, raw materials and inputs. In this context, the need for further development of photovoltaics, wind power or energy storage was pointed out. There was no shortage of voices promoting the creation of so-called energy cooperatives, the establishment of which would certainly accelerate the process of the necessary transformation of agriculture in Poland. Among the speakers at the conference were agricultural producers, academics, as well as representatives of companies offering renewable energy systems and providing renewable energy management services.

The "Fields of Power" conference was attended by a representation of Sevivon, PNE AG, consisting of: Michał Ponichtera, Piotr Luczkowski, Holger Gallas and Brygida Węsierska. During one of the panel discussions, Holger Gallas, in the context of the complexity of RES regulations, emphasized the need to take into account the perspective of the agricultural producer, for whom it is crucial to partner with a competent investor, when implementing energy projects on his land.

Meanwhile, the XXXVIII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland (ZGWRP) was held on June 24-25. The meeting of representatives of the local governments was an opportunity to discuss the prospects for the development of renewable energy sources in rural areas. The event was also attended by representatives of Sevivon, PNE AG. Sevivon is a partner of the Union of Rural Municipalities of Poland.
On the second day of the XXXVIII General Assembly, during the expert panel, Marcin Woznica drew attention to the role of local governments in good preparation of RES investments, as well as responsible project communication, which should be started as early as possible. They also discussed the advantages of cooperation with reliable investors, in the development of renewable energy in rural areas.

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