Sevivon partners with the "Adopt a Meadow" program

We have engaged in a unique initiative that supports increasing biodiversity and sustainable development. Sevivon is one of the participants in the "Adopt a Meadow" project. 

As climate change continues, meadowlands can provide refuge for a variety of plant and animal species. As environmental experts point out, despite the ever-increasing popularity of urban flower meadows, the area of permanent meadows on agricultural land is declining. It is worth mentioning that permanent meadows are home to about 50-60 species of birds, 5-10 species of reptiles, 6-8 species of amphibians, about 20 species of mammals and thousands of species of insects and other invertebrates. 

The goal of the "Adopt Meadows" program is to restore the use of these valuable natural ecosystems and gradually convert arable land into permanent grassland. In order to strengthen biodiversity in these areas, key conservation measures such as mowing with a scythe or extensive grazing by animals, but also intensive removal of invasive species are used.

The "Adopt a Meadow" program is being implemented with financial support from companies in the photovoltaic industry. Among the companies that have decided to get involved in this initiative is Sevivon. In addition to financial support, the project involves our employees, who will volunteer to mow, observe, build, collect and sow seeds from local meadows. 

Sevivon is currently developing dozens of PV farm projects with a total capacity of more than 700 MW and an area of 500 hectares. They are not only a source of green energy, but also a biodiversity sanctuary and habitat for various species of flora and fauna.

Information about the "Adopt a Meadow" project can be found at:

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