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A year of important changes for RES, a year of growth for Sevivon

2023 was a landmark year for the renewable energy sector in Poland, especially for wind energy. The changes in the law made it possible to start the implementation phase of projects we have been working on for several years. Welcome to a summary of the year!

The most important development for the wind industry was, of course, the March amendment to the Wind Investment Act, which set out the conditions for the 10H derogation. Thanks to the changes in the legislation, thirteen municipal authorities launched planning procedures for our projects. These covered an area of more than 30,000 ha in total. By 2023, we had obtained owner approvals to erect 103 turbines. In addition to onshore investments, Sevivon has been developing ventures in the area of photovoltaics. More than 40 PV projects are being developed in parallel, covering an area of around 700 hectares and a planned capacity of around 500 MWp. This means that the new solar and wind projects under way will increase the potential for green generation capacity by a new 1,300 MW! Conceptual work is underway on a further 1,000 MW.

Sevivon is increasingly active in the public debate on the challenges and directions of development of the RES sector in our country. In December, the company's representatives took part in the AEROPAG Renewable Energy 2023 conference. In autumn, the company became the RES Partner of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland. We were present at one of the most important local government events - the 20th Congress of Rural Municipalities, which in 2023 was held under the slogan: '30 years of activity of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland for municipalities with rural areas'. Statements by Sevivon representatives have also increasingly appeared in the professional media.

Our representatives took part in expert debates organised by the Association "With energy about law" and in the Toruń Future Energy Congress. We could not miss the most important industry event - the annual meeting of representatives of the RES sector in Jachranka, organised by the Polish Wind Energy Association. We were also a guest at the 'Renewable Energy Sources in the Polish-German Borderland' conference, initiated by the West Pomeranian local authorities, one of regions important to our new projects. 

The past year also saw the enlargement of the Sevivon office in Gdańsk and further team growth, which already numbers almost 50 people! The dynamic development of our presence in Poland coincided with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the company's activity in Poland, which you can read about on our Linkedin profile, which is also growing steadily. It has been a good year!

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