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Sound financing concepts as the basis for a successful project


The prerequisite for the realisation of a project is first the securing of financing. This includes a thorough analysis and the optimisation of the construction and operating costs. Solid and competitive financing concepts are the pillars of project success. Integrity and reliability are decisive factors in the finance business. 

Here, our projects benefit from our long-standing cooperation with credit institutions operating worldwide. During the entire project phase, we are responsible for the collaboration with banks and insurance companies and ensure optimum project financing.  The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each and every project are in good hands with us during all planning stages.

When a project is ready for sale, we take care of the search for a suitable investor, to whom we offer the respective project for sale. We can draw on extensive experience and numerous, already existing contacts to investors. The sales process is professionally prepared and carried out by our experienced team.

In the last few decades, the group has sold over 120 projects in Europe, South Africa and North America and we can look back on transaction experience with the most experienced national and international investors. Depending on the market, we hand over the turnkey wind farm after commissioning, we structure and accompany the construction and operating phases, or we sell the project rights to a reliable partner. 

Contact persons
WKN Ansprechpartner Vertrieb - Dr. Christian von Gerlach
Dr. Christian von Gerlach
Senior Vice President Sales & Project Finance
WKN Ansprechpartnerin Vertrieb - Corinna Pauschardt
Corinna Pauschardt
Vice President Sales & Project Finance
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