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Sevivon experts on Farmer.pl. Effective cooperation with landowners in the construction of RES installations

Landowners' interest in green energy investments is growing. Sevivon experts talk about the benefits and challenges facing farmers, in the context of implementation of RES projects, in an interview with the editors of the largest agricultural portal…

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How to accelerate the development of wind energy in Poland? Sevivon partner of the 16th edition of the Urban Planner's Day

The spatial planning reform was one of the most important topics of the 16th edition of the Poznan 'Urban Planner's Day' conference. This year's edition of the event was organised under the motto 'In the maze of reform'. Experts discussed, among…

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A year of important changes for RES, a year of growth for Sevivon

2023 was a landmark year for the renewable energy sector in Poland, especially for wind energy. The changes in the law made it possible to start the implementation phase of projects we have been working on for several years. Welcome to a summary of…

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Challenges and new perspectives of the RES industry. Discussion at Areopag 2023 with the participation of Sevivon

The energy transition we are facing is a challenge for all market participants. Editor Bartłomiej Derski from the Wysokienapięcie.pl portal asked about which direction the changes in the Polish energy sector should go when starting a discussion as…

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Development of RES in the Polish countryside. The 20th Congress of Rural Municipalities

The energy transformation of the Polish countryside was discussed by industry experts, representatives of local authorities and energy companies during the 20th Congress of Rural Municipalities in Jachranka. The cyclical event is organised by the…

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Sevivon at the conference "Renewable Energy Sources in the Polish-German Borderland"

The region is today a leader in the development of wind energy. It is in the coastal belt and its immediate vicinity Poland has the best wind conditions. The importance of renewable energy sources in the functioning of the local economy of western…

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15 years of Sevivon in Poland

It has already been 15 years of Sevivon activity in Poland. On Tuesday 22 August, we celebrated the round anniversary of the brand's presence on the Polish market. It was a good opportunity to summarise the company's activities and look into the…

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What will be the future of RES in Poland?

PWEA 2023 with the participation of Sevivon is behind us

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Sevivon talks to local government officials, during the General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland

Sevivon representatives took part in the XXXVII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland. During the meeting held in Warsaw, representatives of local governments had the opportunity to participate in substantive…

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Poles open to investment in green energy. Sevivon at the Future Energy Congress

On April 18-19, the Future Energy Congress was held, organized by the Association „With energy about law.” In Torun experts of the sector renewable energy sources, met to talk about the prospects for development of the industry and the challenges…

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