Sevivon at conferences in Torun and Gdansk. We talk about energy transition

Two important meetings behind us, where we talked about the future of renewable energy. In Torun we participated in the 3rd edition of the Future Energy Congress, and in Gdansk in the II Wind Conference, organized by the PTAcom Friendly Investment Support Association. 

In the capital of Pomerania, the issue of bird protection was discussed above all. Sevivon is very attentive to the sustainable conduct of investments. This is a particularly important issue in the context of the future of onshore wind energy and the expansion of this technology in new places - environmentally and socially diverse. The company was represented by Katarzyna Jarniewska and Piotr Durajczyk. During the Gdansk conference, Jannes Kreutzfeld of the PNE AG Group, spoke about the need to protect birds with modern anti-collision systems. As a company, we take the position that the public debate on the development of wind technology should be set in the broader context of the fight against the catastrophic effects of climate change and the protection of biodiversity. 

Meanwhile, in the capital of Kujawy, where another Future Energy Congress was held, the challenges of the Polish energy industry were debated. One of the highlights of the event was the opening conversation at the congress between editor Wojciech Jakóbik and Grzegorz Onichimowski, president of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.. The representative of the operator's authorities announced the liberalization of the approach to the issue of commercial connection. Good announcement, we are waiting for solutions now. Participating in the Congress on behalf of Sevivon was Magdalena Klera-Nowopolska, whose speech emphasized the fundamental role of dialogue with stakeholders at the early stage of wind project development. Holger Gallas pointed out the effects of changing the distance of wind turbine locations from built-up areas from 500 meters to 700 meters. He pointed out that the increase in distance in the final regulation, affected Sevivon's early stage development portfolio only slightly. Konrad Kubiak pointed to the need to develop large-scale hydrogen production and storage, which are key to achieving competitiveness in the market.

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