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The aim of our corporate group is to continue the successful advance of the energy transition through the expansion of renewable energies. It is particularly important to us that the development of solar projects is transparent and based on the greatest possible consensus, with the involvement of all local stakeholders. Therefore, we rely on a fair cooperation with municipalities as well as private and public landowners.

Every day, we work with great passion to get a little closer to the vision of a one hundred percent energy supply from renewable energies. For clean, sustainable energy generation - now and in the future.

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Our services in detail

In the project planning of solar plants, we take a very focused approach to sites that have high potential in order to develop successful projects on greenfield sites - in cooperation with local experts and partners. Site evaluation, land securing, project development and turnkey construction of solar plants are part of our core competences - in highest quality.

From project acquisition to project dismantling: With us, you have a trustworthy, competent and reliable partner. Thus, during the complete operating phase, we strive to continuously maintain the life cycle of our solar plants and to get the best possible out of them together with you.

Local value creation by conviction

We see the involvement of local people as the key to success and value their knowledge and commitment. With us, project participation takes place through different and individual concepts, because we always try to involve local companies - whether for construction or mowing work - in order to also generate revenue in the region.

Which sites are suitable?

In principle, a large number of properties come into question. However, the general conditions vary depending on the location and can be very complex. With us, you have a reliable and transparent partner for the operation of a solar plant on your property at your side. As the owner you benefit from a fixed lease for around 30 years and do not have to worry about permits and project planning or the implementation of the project.

Do you own a site? We will be happy to analyse its potential and provide you with a non-binding lease offer!

Solar systems and biodiversity

The expansion of renewable energies, and in particular the installation of solar systems on open spaces, helps the environment in two ways: We generate sustainable energy and reduce our carbon footprint - and we increase biodiversity by creating new habitats for insects, birds and other animals.

During the operating time of the solar plant, the soil of the area can recover from the intensive agricultural use of the past decades. There is no artificial addition of nutrients, pesticides or insecticides. Likewise, any nitrate input into the groundwater from liquid manure and other fertilisers is suspended for this period. In this way, considerable quantities of correspondingly polluted substances in soil and groundwater are completely saved. Thus, vital soil life can re-establish itself and the biodiversity of small animals or rare plants can increase significantly. 

The absence of pesticides and fungicides also protects insects and wild bees from poisoning. At the same time, wild herbs and flowers in the area of the solar plant, which bloom throughout the seasons, always provide a sufficient food supply during the flying season. The resulting natural reintroduction of insects and wild bees is a big plus, especially for the surrounding flora and fauna, because they also fly to the area around the solar plant and have a positive effect on the local ecosystem. Furthermore, the fenced area can provide beekeepers with a safe location for their bee colonies.

By installing a photovoltaic system on your property, you protect the environment, promote the energy revolution and ensure a secure and constant income over time. 
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