Construction management

Precise coordination during the construction phase

Construction management

During the construction phase, our clients and business partners benefit especially from the long-standing experience of our team. We ensure that all necessary requirements are fulfilled for the timely delivery, erection and commissioning of the wind turbines and organise the optimal setup of construction sites. We take over the planning and construction of access roads, crane sites and cable routes to the grid connection point and, if required, erect a transformer station. 

The individual construction phases are coordinated in a precise and targeted manner. We take over the complete construction management and take care of the acceptance of the plant when it is ready for operation. On-schedule completion within the budget and in the best technical quality is our highest priority. 

Moreover, we coordinate the cooperation with grid operators, experts, different service providers, all the authorities and landowners. Every state maintains a vast number of building regulations as well as safety and health protection provisions that need to be observed and implemented. We rely on our extensive experience, a comprehensive network in many markets and our in-depth knowledge of the different stages of project realisation.

Contact persons
WKN Leitung Baumanagement - Thorsten Groenmeyer
Thorsten Groenmeyer
Head of Construction Management
Brygida Węsierska
Project Manager
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