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Sevivon talks to local government officials, during the General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland

Sevivon representatives took part in the XXXVII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland. During the meeting held in Warsaw, representatives of local governments had the opportunity to participate in substantive debates with the participation of, among others, representatives of the government side on the new law on revenues of local government units, the state of municipal waste management in municipalities, as well as green evolution in the countryside. On the other hand, representatives of Sevivon talked about the prospects for the development of renewable energy sources, encouraging the cooperation of representatives of rural municipalities in the implementation of RES projects.

Holger Gallas - a Sevivon board member - spoke about the need for new investment projects in wind power and photovoltaics. He noted that Sevivon is currently working on more than 20 wind farm projects and about 40 photovoltaic farm projects. He stressed that these sources complement each other perfectly. When there is a shortage of energy from the sun, the generation of green energy can take place through wind turbines. This makes it possible to achieve stability of the entire electric power system.

- The projects we have implemented throughout the country are the result of cooperation: local governments, communities with Sevivon. The implementation of investments in wind energy is not only a benefit to the environment and an additional source of renewable energy for the entire system. But it is also a constant source of revenue for local government budgets. It is worth realizing that a medium-sized wind project is an income of 2.5 million zlotys per year," Holger Gallas pointed out, during a speech at the XXXVII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of Poland.

The meeting with the participants of the XXXVII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of Poland was an opportunity to talk to local government officials about the development of renewable energy sources in their municipalities.

Sevivon is aware of the importance that local governments play in the green transition. It is the individual municipalities that decide what kind of projects will be implemented and to what extent, and how local communities will benefit from them

- We need all energy, but green energy, generated by wind and photovoltaic farms, the most. Data from the Polish Power Grid leaves no illusions. Poland consistently consumes more and more energy every year. PSE forecasts say that by 2030 we will see a steady increase in demand for electricity. The answer to these challenges is the dynamic development of RES in Poland and the need to further accelerate the energy transition," added Holger Gallas.

The XXXVII General Assembly of the Association. The General Assembly was held on May 15-16, 2023. The Union of Rural Municipalities of Poland is the largest nationwide organization of rural and urban-rural municipalities. The primary goal of the Union is to integrate rural local governments and solve typical problems of this environment.

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