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15 years of Sevivon in Poland

It has already been 15 years of Sevivon activity in Poland. On Tuesday 22 August, we celebrated the round anniversary of the brand's presence on the Polish market. It was a good opportunity to summarise the company's activities and look into the…

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What will be the future of RES in Poland?

PWEA 2023 with the participation of Sevivon is behind us

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Sevivon talks to local government officials, during the General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland

Sevivon representatives took part in the XXXVII General Assembly of the Union of Rural Municipalities of the Republic of Poland. During the meeting held in Warsaw, representatives of local governments had the opportunity to participate in substantive…

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Poles open to investment in green energy. Sevivon at the Future Energy Congress

On April 18-19, the Future Energy Congress was held, organized by the Association „With energy about law.” In Torun experts of the sector renewable energy sources, met to talk about the prospects for development of the industry and the challenges…

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Sevivon is ready to invest even though 700m applies

The Distance Act and the reduction of minimum distances to 700 meters from housing areas continue to be subject of political discussions. However, due to best practice, Sevivon has been applying such a distance in the planning of new projects already…

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While the Polish coalition is counting meters, wind farm contractors are counting investment gaps

The Sejm is currently working on an amendment of the Distance Act that will ban the construction and reconstruction of wind turbines from fields that are closer than 700 m to residential or mixed-use buildings. The expansion of the radius by 200 m…

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Poland supposed to use energy surpluses from RES more efficiently

Rather than limiting the power generation, experts have been calling for a modernised energy system that adapts more flexibly to peaks and off-peaks.

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Further wind farm projects in Poland have been sold

The PNE Group, an internationally active project developer for wind energy and photovoltaics plants, has achieved further sales success in Poland. The “Krzecin” and “Kuslin” wind farms, with a planned nominal capacity of 58.8 MW, were sold to a…

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Polish wind farm “Jasna” with 132 MW completed

The project was developed by the Polish WKN subsidiary Sevivon Sp. z o.o. and is now the largest onshore project of the PNE Group.

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Construction start of two further wind farms with 59 MW in Poland

The construction phase of the "Krzecin" wind farm is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021, the "Kuslin" wind farm in the first half of 2022.

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